Comwerks Interactive
IA, Design & Conceptualisation, UX, Illustration, Copywriting
This website was featured in Smashing Magazine, Creattica, and DesignFridgeUK.


Spartan: Noble Division, XBox LIVE
IA, Design & Conceptualisation, UX, Copywriting
I'm a 'core' gamer, as people like to classify things, so this project was a lot of fun. XBox was aiming to piggy-back on the launch of Halo: Reach to drive Xbox LIVE multiplayer attaches, and it did so - with this wildly successful campaign.


Call of Duty: Operation Summit, XBox LIVE
IA, Design & Conceptualisation, UX, Copywriting
Timelines were really tight in this project, so while we really really wanted to build a full-fledge game engine, we had a whelk's chance in a supernova of actually being able to do so. So we cheated. ;) Let's just say that 8 years of MUDding made writing combat messages a breeze. Plus it was fun getting to turn out some of the silliest, most exaggeratedly macho copy I've written in my professional life.


Microsoft TechDays
IA, UX, Art Direction, Conceptualisation, Copywriting

This was an eventful project. Eventful meaning, the design shown below was fully approved, coded and put up on the staging site for testing, when the client had to do a total turnaround in terms of look and feel, due to internal reasons.

We still managed to deliver on time with this new version of the design - keeping both client, AND our (understandably) distraught coders happy by ensuring that most of the changes were via image-replacement, rather than code updates.


Cloud Power, Microsoft
IA, UX, Design & Conceptualisation, Copywriting
This project was interesting for the new approaches and technologies we got to explore, both in front-end coding, and also in all the concepts I had to wrap my head around to write about Cloud. While not all my copy made it through, I am particularly proud of what did - especially my layman's explanation of the Cloud.

Cloud Summit Event Site, Microsoft
Design & Conceptualisation, Copywriting
I designed this simple, straightforward single-page microsite template to help users easily get straight to the Cloud Summit event information.


SuccessMeter, Nokia
IA, UX, Art Direction, Conceptualisation, Copywriting
A social media platform targeted at young entrepreneurs, the SuccessMeter drew over 25,000 visitors in under 3 months, with top-scorers gaining bragging rights to almost 4 million social points.

Ponds Clear Balance iPad App, Unilever
IA, UX, Art Direction, Conceptualisation, Copywriting
The first iOS app we ever did at Comwerks! And it was all done in 5 days - much to our client's surprise - and delight!


eCitizen Alpha, Government of Singapore
IA, Design & Conceptualisation, Copywriting
A redesign of from the ground up. Rather than having users click-through a pile of menu items, they search for what they're looking for, and get to the right content in a click or two.

Update: eCitizen featured as a Straits Times success story

SMRT, Singapore
IA, UX, Design & Conceptualisation
70% of SMRT's visitors come to their site to get information on their trains, buses, and taxis - info that was pretty hard to find on the old site - so naturally, I put that right upfront. Another noteable design enhancement is the interactive HTML5/CSS3 network map. Thanks to my great coderfolk, all people have to do now to find the fastest route is click their starting points and end destinations. Images shown are from the final comps and may differ from the actual site.

Update: The new SMRT website saw a marked increase in visitorship. Pageviews averaged at 1 million views a month, while the website registered 250,000 unique users monthly in the following 12 months since its launch. Users were particularly pleased with the regular updates on service stoppages as well as the interactive network map - two standout features that drew many repeat visitors to the website. (Source: Comwerks: SMRT)

 Spooktacular 2010, Sentosa, Singapore (Proposal)
Design & Conceptualisation
We didn't win the tender, but considering it was done in 4 hours tops (it was a very rushed job XD), I'm pretty happy with the result.


Building & Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore (Proposal)
Design & Conceptualisation
I was very happy with this proposal's combination of warmth, modernity and clear structure. 


GoCare - Global Volunteer Day, DHL (Proposal)
IA, Design & Conceptualisation, Copywriting
Volunteers as heroes - ordinary folks can save the world!


Home Team, Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore (Proposal)
Design & Conceptualisation, Copywriting
Engaging citizens through vibrant, funky design - a breath of fresh air!


Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) (Proposal)
IA, Design & Conceptualisation, Copywriting
Main & sister site redesign to inject more user friendliness while updating the look.