About Me

Formal stuff

While I've picked up a rather eclectic design skillset over the course of my career, including (but not limited to), brand identity, web design, user experience design, copywriting, packaging, animation, and front-end development, there's a single passion that unites all these things.

Improving people's lives by giving them kinder, saner tools.

Yup. Cliched. Corny as Hell. Still true.

I'm not talking world-shaking, changing-the-course-of-history tools.

I'm talking tools with small, everyday improvements. Tools that make someone's day just a little bit better, preferably over an extended period of time. An easy, concrete example? Search with autocomplete. And there are so many, many more.

I believe that the tools we use should give us feelings of delight or mastery - or at very least, not make us feel like idiots. Kinder, saner software (because software is a product and a tool, as well as a service) isn't just good for customers, it's good for software companies too.

These kinder, saner tools are the ones that
  • we vote for with our wallets.
  • help us do things more quickly, more easily, more painlessly, and sometimes, even more enjoyably.
  • allow us to go home after a hard day's work with the satisfaction of a job well done - and not the frustration of having spent a day fighting the very software that's supposed to help us.

And if, at the end of the day, I get to make these tools look sexy - that's a bonus. ;)
More details on what goes into those bars here.

Not-so-formal Stuff
I'm a compulsive reader. Know that person you see on the trains staring at the newspaper scrap on the floor? That's me.

I have an utopian, almost rabid love for virtual worlds and communities (especially MUDs!) which is definitely, in no way at all (honest!), based on the fact that I spent about 8 years in one.

I once won an award for roleplaying a Chicken McNugget. Yes. That golden juicy battered crispy luscious hunk of chickenny diet doom.

If the last statement about McNuggets didn't scare you away, you might want to have a look at my resume here.

What folks say about working with me
"Jasminn’s proficiency across all things digital was evident when I worked with her on an APAC-wide campaign. As the sole designer on the campaign, she came up with the creative concept, constructed wireframes for the main landing environment and designed all supporting marketing materials. Her focus on UX and driving quantifiable results also helped shaped the campaign in its planning phase."
- Chloe Fair, Account Executive, Comwerks Interactive

"Working with Jasminn was very pleasing experience. She is smart, focus, and excel in what she is doing (design). As a designer, her input to the projects are always sensible and practical. With her in the team, we always feel resourceful and confidence, I personally have learned and benefited from Jasminn's generous sharing of resources and her experience. She is definitely an invaluable asset for a company or a team."
- Kenneth Lee, Senior UI Developer, Comwerks Interactive

"Jasminn is a person who can do anything. ANYTHING. From UX, copywriting all the way to design and strategies… She’s really good in all of them. Not only quick on solving complicated, but also with a logical and creative that enables her to raise more effective and insightful views. Her knowledge in various areas, be it digital, publishing, information architecture and userexperience is undeniable. I would recommend her without reservations for employment or any other endeavors she chooses to pursue."
- Cyndy Messah, Designer, Comwerks Interactive


If you're curious enough to read a more than one lonely paragraph, here's a PDF letter of referral from Keith Tan, Creative Director at Comwerks.